The Avatar of Synthesis

Several lofty Existences, Who may be called Celestials or Avatars, do constructive energy works in the Solar System and about, chiefly along the seven Rays.

The Avatar of Synthesis is One of these extra planetary Beings who are ever ready to help where the need and the invocative call of any planet is sufficient to react upon. He linked up with earthly affairs in ca. 1940, being an embodiment of first Ray energy, as His "name" tells.

The Avatar of Synthesis charges three large groups, Shamballa, the Nirmanakayas and the New Group of World Servers, and also the Christ, the Manu, Master Morya, plus gradually some Ashrams, so that synthesis and alignment relate Them all to each others.

The Avatar of Synthesis is still very active and may continue so, at least until the cry of agony has stopped.

Peter Fich Christiansen 2008-04-07

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