About The Great Invocation




It was difficult, ca. 70 years ago, to translate the very  ancient invocative word-forms which the Christ is using. These word-forms are only seven in number.

The word “men” derives from manas, thought, beings who think (hopefully), meaning humans of both genders.

This beautiful and powerful Invocation is given to all people of all faiths. Behind all aspects of the Divine, of God, the motivating power of the Universe is Love.

The curtailing of the evil forces from Cosmos and through the World War, and now, seriously, by the renegade organized evil of the World, requires the imposition of Powers beyond the human. This means invoking the Light and Love and Power from the Hierarchy of Masters where the Christ is chief, and from the Centre where the Will of God is known, also called Shamballa, and which can invoke still higher Forces and Beings, when necessary, such as Celestials and certain Creator Gods of stars in their courses.


Peter Fich Christiansen

June 15th 2009